Previous Projects

Study Projects Conducted, for

  • Army Corps of Engineers, Development of Load Rating in Army Technical Documentation FM5-446, 1995-96;
  • Argonne Lab/MTMC, SMART BRIDGE Project, Technical Support for the Argonne Lab’s Smart Bridge Artificial Intelligent Project – Reviewing U.S., Russian, Eastern European bridges, 1995;
  • Argonne Lab/MTMC, Generation of Korean Bridge Database for Technical Support to Argonne SMART BRIDGE Project, 1996
  • MTMC/FHWA, Study on effects of both military and highway vehicles on interstate bridges, 1995;
  • Vitro/Army Corps of Engineers, Finite Element Analysis of Movable Bridges under Heavy Tank Loading, 1994;
  • British Steel Corp., Study of Development of British-Code Steel Bridge System, 1993-94;
  • Maryland Port Administration, Analysis of prestressed bridge and dock decks under heavy loads and strengthening, 1993-95;
  • Maryland Port Administration, Colgate Creek Bridge at Dundalk Marine Terminal, Baltimore, Maryland,” April 1990
  • American Iron and Steel Institute, Development of Autostress Design for Steel Bridges, 1991-92;
  • Maryland SHA, Study of various types of sign post and computer program development to analyze their structural behavior under load combinations, 1990;
  • FHWA, Truss bridge rating analysis, 1989;
  • Bethlehem Steel Corp./UM, Development and Implementation of Site-Specific Algorithms for Optimum Design of Steel Superstructure Elements, 1989-1994;
  • Bethlehem Steel Corp. and UM MIPS, State-of-the-Art Steel Bridge Optimal Hybrid Design System, 1997-1998
  • Baltimore City, Interstate Div., Determination of deck cracking on I-83 bridge, 1989;
  • Maryland SHA, Heavy load container vehicle study, and Maryland routing project, 1989;
  • Freightliner Corp., Evaluation of heavy truck configurations on bridge structures, 1988-91;
  • Maryland Transportation Authority, Evaluation of bridges under heavy truck loading, 1988-1996;
  • Baltimore City, Bridge rating and routing of heavy trucks, 1988-1996;
  • Maryland SHA, Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) bridge testing project, 1988;
  • American Truck Association, Study of the effects of various heavy truck configurations upon the National Bridge Inventory (NBI) bridges, 1988;
  • FHWA, Fatigue damage based on cost allocation study, 1987;
  • World Bank, Assessment of costs and damage from passage of heavy trucks on bridges in Korea, 1984-85.

Forensic Projects for

  • National Transportation Safety Board, Study of collapse of Mobile AMTRAK Bridge under barge impact, Mobile, AL, 1994;
  • National Transportation Safety Board, Study of collapse of Judge Seeberg Bridge, AL,1992;
  • National Transportation Safety Board, Study of collapse of temporary bridge on Great Miami River, Ohio, 1990;
  • National Transportation Safety Board, Study of collapse of Pocomoke River bridge, MD, 1990;
  • Fidelity & Deposit Co. of Maryland/J.R.Eigler & Assoc., Assessment of a curved posttensioned box girder bridge, 1990.
  • Maryland SHA, Investigation and retrofit of cracks in concrete piers of Thomas Johnson Memorial Bridge, 1988

Design and Analysis Projects (partial)

  • RQAW, Indianapolis, IN, 2003: (Design of the Indiana toll road ramp bridge with integral pier study)
  • Jackson & Tull, Washington, DC, 2001: 9th and 11th bridge analysis, inspection and construction
  • DMJM-Harris, Baton Rouge, LA, 2001: Design of Shreveport-Barksdale Highway Red River Bridge
  • Washington Metropolitan Area Transient Authority, 2000: Largo Line Twin Steel Box /Double span Bridge over the Beltway
  • Patton Harris Rust & Associates, PC, Martinsburg, WV, 2000: Consulting service for the design of Philippi Bypass Bridge, WV
  • Berger Lehman and Associates, CT, 1995-1996: Design and Constructability of I95 Interchange Box Girder and Plate Girder bridges – 2 Units
  • Reid, Quebe, Allison, Wilcox & Association, Indianapolis, IN., 1993: Analysis and design of 600′ precast prestressed continuous bridges and over 1000′ precast post-tensioning bridges
  • HNTB/Washington State DOT, 1994: Truss Bridge Rating Using LRFD Method, 1994; Kansas River Truss Bridge, 1985; Curved I- and box-girder bridges, 1985-present;
  • Reid, Quebe, Allison, Wilcox & Assoc., Indianapolis, IN: Analysis and design of 600N precast prestressed continuous bridges and 1000N+ precast post-tensioned bridges, 1993; Design and review of steel curved box bridges for I-10 Interchange, 1990;
  • U.S.Bridge, Columbus, OH: Strength, Fatigue and Redundancy Analysis of U.S.Bridge Model 1000/2000 and Model 3000, 1990-94, 1997-1999;
  • Parsons, Brinckerhoff, Quade & Douglas, Inc., CT: Rte. 2 WB Ramp to 
 I-84 in E.Hartford Curved Box Girder Analysis and Design, 1990;
  • Hensley-Schmodt, Inc., Atlanta, GA: Complete I-26/I-126 Connector Interchange, 17 Units, 1990.
  • Beam, Longest, & Neff Inc. IN: Feasibility study of I-girder bridge in Weirton, WV, 1987-88;
  • Modjeski & Masters, Mechanicsburg, PA: I-526 Curved I-girder project, PENNDOT Construction Staging and Multi-Loading Study Project, 1987
  • Fay, Spofford & Thorndike, Inc., Lexington, MA: North Area/Central Artery Project, curved box girder analysis, 1986-86;
  • URS Corp., Akron, OH: I-670 Ramp curved I-girder bridge analysis, 1980-83.